Primary School

At Skagerak International School we prepare you for studies or work anywhere in the world. We help you set your ambitions – and reach them.

Inquiry-based learning

Skagerak Primary School prides itself on its child-centered, holistic approach to learning. As an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) school since 2006, inquiry-based learning is the cornerstone of our teaching approach. Incorporating inquiry into all lessons, our experienced teachers use play-based learning and differentiation to explain curriculum.

This approach gives students voice, choice and agency in their learning. This learning is supplemented by our Student Agency and Independent Learning programme (S.A.I.L.), which promotes student-guided learning. The result is happy, engaged, and motivated learners.

Lower and upper primary grades

To further meet individual learning needs, Skagerak offers multi-aged classes at both lower and upper primary grades. This progressive environment groups students into wider age groups, versus single age groups, and puts learning at the center, both socially and academically. Older students act as mentors to younger ones, helping them to model problem solving and critical thinking skills.

This atmosphere helps students to organically develop leadership and collaboration skills. At the same time, younger students can seek help from a wider range of people, model positive outcomes, and take pride in socializing with their older peers. The opportunity to interact with a mix of ages promotes positive behaviour and helps build valuable 21st century real-life skills.

International mindedness

With many of the students speaking three or more languages, inclusion and international mindedness are fundamental philosophies at Skagerak. Our caring teachers emphasize inclusion of all learners in the classroom and on the playground, helping students feel comfortable and confident in any setting.