At Skagerak International School we prepare you for studies or work anywhere in the world. We help you set your ambitions – and reach them.

Welcome to our Kindergarten where the adventure begins!

Our kindergarten provides an international education in a bilingual environment.

Here at Skagerak International School we support the development of the whole child through inquiry, exploration and play-centered learning. Our goal is to meet the academic, social, emotional, physical and cultural needs of every child. Through the IB Primary Years Programme the children are encouraged to view their world through an internationally-minded lens.

Admission Process

Collaborative learning

Collaborative learning experiences allow the children to connect with each other to create, design, problem solve and make sense of the world around them. There is a focus on helping the children to develop important social thinking and communication skills to help them interact with their family, friends and community.

Outdoor Activities

Exploring and appreciating the natural world is an important part of the learning at Skagerak Kindergarten. Children spend time every week exploring and discovering the local forest area to observe cycles of change, respect the environment and cultivate a love for being outdoors.